Google Camera Port: Suggested Versions

About this list:

Versions known to work on many phones. They may not be the best APKs, but they're more likely to work on your device. Useful for new users.

Check the how to use page to learn how to find a good version, how to install it, and compatibility information. If you need help, check the frequent questions page or find a forum thread or group for your phone. Files are grouped by GCam version (differences between versions).

You'll find more than one file below. Don't panic! Try the first one, if it doesn't work, try the second (and so on).

Google Camera 7.3 (Android 9+) »


Other important versions:

Google Camera 7.2 (Android 9+) »

Note: If there's a "config" link next to the file, follow it and see if a config is available for your phone.

Google Camera 6.2/6.3 (Android 9+) »
Google Camera 6.1 (Android 8+) »
Google Camera 5 (Android 8+) »

Versions based on GCam 5 are for Android 8 or newer, but some older apks also work on Android 7.

Google Camera 4 (Android 7+) »

Old versions, useful for Android 7 users. Minimal features.