Note from Celso: Google Play Protect might display a warning due to this version (GCam 3.2) being very old (screenshot). Click on "more details" and then "install anyway" to install it.

BSG version changelog (3.2.045 from 2023/07/26):
- Added to module settings (for YUV format): "Hack Params"("Green hack strength", "Hack noise model for merge", "Retonemap shadow gain low", "Retonemap shadow gain max", "Retonemap shadow gamma" , "Retonemap shadow limit").
- Fixed photo resolution for some devices (using SCALER_STREAM_CONFIGURATION_MAP_MAXIMUM_RESOLUTION).
- Added "shortcut" transition to settings (long-tap on app icon).
- Found errors in the work of the modification have been fixed.
- Fixed work on some devices.

Ченджлог версии от BSG (3.2.045 от 26.07.2023):
- в настройки модуля(для YUV формата) добавлены: "Hack Params"("Green hack strength", "Hack nexus5 noise model for merge", "Retonemap shadow gain low", "Retonemap shadow gain max", "Retonemap shadow gamma", "Retonemap shadow limit").
- исправлено разрешение фото для некоторых девайсов(используется SCALER_STREAM_CONFIGURATION_MAP_MAXIMUM_RESOLUTION).
- добавлен "shortcut" для перехода в настройки (long-tap на значке приложения).
- исправлены найденные ошибки в работе модификации.
- исправлена работа на некоторых девайсах.


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