FAQ's and Troubleshooting Tips

Table of contents:

Can't install the app:

Fix 1:

If you already have a Google Camera app installed, try to remove it first before installing a new one. If your ROM ships with a pre installed app, remove it (eg: using Titanium Backup + root) or use a different ROM.

Fix 2:

The version you're trying to install is not compatible with your Android version. Use a different apk.

Black screen / viewfinder:

Fix 1:

You may need to install a front camera fix or enable an option to fix the issue.

Fix 2:

The GCam version you're using isn't fully compatible with your phone or your ROM. Try a different version.

Motion photos not working:

Fix 1:

Motion photos doesn't work on Android 7.x, only Android 8.x or newer.

Fix 2:

This feature requires Google Photos. Other gallery apps will display still images.

Fix 3:

Motion photos requires specific settings for it to work. Sometimes you need to use a Pixel config and a 16:9 resolution instead of the default 4:3. Sometimes there's a menu where you can choose the resolution for this feature (try them all).

App crashing just after being opened:

Fix 1:

You may need to install a front camera fix or enable an option to fix the issue.

Fix 2:

Older versions may not work on newer Android versions (and vice versa). Try an older apk if using an outdated Android version, or a more recent apk if using the latest Android version.

Fix 3:

Google Camera will crash if you didn't flash a GApps package. Read "how to use GCam without GApps" for more info.

Fix 4:

If it happens after you upgraded to a new version or after changing the app settings, there's a chance you're using not compatible settings. Clean the app data or uninstall and reinstall the app again.

Fix 5:

Using a root file manager/explorer, delete the following files (ignore the ones you can't find), and try again:


In some cases you also need to reflash an updated GApps package after removing the files. Keep in mind that dirty flashing GApps can cause some issues if the GApps you already have installed are old. A nandroid (TWRP) backup or a clean install is recommended.

Fix 6:

Google Camera only runs on ROMs with the Camera2 API enabled and some ROMs don't have this enabled. To enable:

- Flash the HAL3_Enabler.zip (by joshuous; use this zip to revert the change), or:
- Edit the build.prop:

App crashing after taking pictures:

There's a big chance you're using the wrong settings and it causes the app to crash. Check the main post for suggested settings/app versions.

Can't open photos from inside the app:

Fix 1:

Go to "Debugging and tools", uncheck "camera.use_photos" and restart the app.

Fix 2:

Install the Google Photos app and try again.

Over exposed photos:

There are 3 HDR options on most apks: HDR off, HDR+ On, and HDR+ Enhanced (HDR off, HDR+ Auto, and HDR+ On on older versions):

HDR Modes

Try to use HDR+ enhanced (right side option). While it's slower, it takes better photos on hard conditions:

HDR+ On vs HDR+ Enhanced

Slow motion crash:

It only works on some phones. Most GCam versions based on 5.x don't support it, but some based on 6.x do. Make sure you select the correct FPS for your phone (eg: 120 instead of 240), explore the settings menu to see if such option is available.

Note about Android 7.x:

Older Google Camera versions supported slow motion on many Android 7 ROMs, but some phones needed an updated media_profiles.xml file with high speed profiles. Try to find a XDA thread for your phone, maybe other users with the same phone have a solution for this problem.

Alternative apps:

Some users reported that this feature was working on Nokia's camera.

Black and white pictures:

Fix 1:

Change one of the settings (eg: disable camera sounds), restart the app, and try again.

Fix 2:

Reinstall the app (remove and install). Sometimes settings from old versions cause issues.

Forum threads, telegram help groups, etc:

Check this page for a list of forum threads, telegram groups, and useful files/tools for this port.

I suggest you find other people using the same phone as you and see which port/version/settings they're using. See if there's a GCam thread for your phone on XDA or posts on your phone's subreddit.

How to save error logs:

If the app is crashing and you want to send a log for the developer, check the How to save a logcat with MatLog page.

How to use GCam without GApps:

You can run Google Camera with microG. Download Services Core from their website, install it, and then launch Google Camera. Sometimes a restart is needed.

How to load and import/export Google Camera settings:

Some versions support import/export of .xml configuration files. Check this guide to know how it works.