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1. Fixed Sabre totally
2. Added Coef Gamma/Contrast 2, Experimental Contrast 1, Merge Method Override to libpatcher.
3. Added Color Scales to HDR Range. It heavily affects the AWB On photos including the blackness, colors, WB etc.
4. Incremented the max length of manual camera id to 2 for Xiaomi devices.
5. Fixed top menu focus on Nightsight.
6. Increased max video zoom level.
7. Added device configs for OnePlus 8,T, Pro.
8. Fixed Manual IDs on Nord, OnePlus 8T.
9. Made finishing touches to the UI.
10. Note that many of the older XMLs might not work anymore due to some major changes, it's better if users manually put values from previous XMLs or wait for XML makers to release their respective XMLs


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