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As you may have noticed, Camera PX development has been non-existent for quite some months now. This is mainly due to a lack of substantial updates within Google Camera, but also due to lack of interest in the project as other things in our lives have become more important. As each new Google Camera version is released, the modifications have to be re-done from scratch so this would take quite some time as we only get to do this in our "free" time after work and spending time with our families. We do hope the Pixel 5 release brings some new/interesting things to the table but that is yet to be seen, and the passion to restart the project is also yet to be seen. For now, we are releasing a minor update to "support" Pixel 4a's but since Google Camera 7.2 was not built with Pixel 4a's in mind, you may notice a quality difference than your stock camera.


(From this XDA thread for Pixel phones)

- Basic support for Pixel 4a.
- Updated libs fully to 7.2.018.
- libpatcher: removed darkensky options since the impact wasn't desired for tuning for most.
- libpatcher: added chroma1 levels for higher frequency chroma denoise tuning.
- libpatcher: added back 2.0 for globals.
- libpatcher: add dehaze disable to new processing category.

May need to toggle libpatcher off/on initially due to lib update if using libpatcher. Also, I can't remember if v4.3 had reversed values so please pay attention to your denoise parameters and inverse them if you are not seeing your typical results.


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