By Nikita.




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Based on: GCam 8.2.300

• Added viewfinder button for frames count
• Added new AWB (Thanks Arnova8G2)
• Added long tap on thumbnail button
• Added themed icon for Android 13
• Added additional package names
• Fixed Night Sight crash for OnePlus 5/5T
• Some fixes and additional changes

• Some information about new viewfinder button. Turn it on in Settings/Advanced/Experimental. The button has 4 different values: auto, 7, 15 and 27. Note that manual setting for frames will just show current count of frames and won't work with this viewfinder button (Thanks Burial and Rashid)
• Some information about Mi 11 Ultra AWB: GN2 is Main, S5K3T2 is Front, 586 is Wide and Tele (Thanks Arnova8G2 for extracting and Denisal for sharing)
• Long tap on switch button opens Settings screen and on thumbnail button opens Lib Patcher screen
• Finally, fixed Night Sight crash for OnePlus 5/5T on some android 12+ ROMs. Thanks Srinikethan for suggestion

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