Google Camera for the OnePlus 5 & 5T

Google Camera OnePlus 5 5TStable Google Camera versions for the OnePlus 5 and 5T, devices with a dual camera setup released by OnePlus in 2017. Stock camera quality is good, but it doesn’t perform well under all conditions and pictures may lack some detail. GCam provides:

  • Better details
  • Better dynamic range
  • Reduced “oil paiting” effected
  • New features: Night sight, Astrophotography, Time lapse, etc

Sadly, due to bugs and limitations on OnePlus software, Google Camera and some other 3rd party apps only work well if a Magisk (root) module is used. Without the fix, your pictures will be affected by a “dot patter” and the front camera won’t work.

On this page you can find solutions for rooted (under “Downloads”) unrooted devices (under “No root” below). Thanks to Rohit, shadowstep, Urnyx05, Arnova8G2, thatspix and everyone else involved with GCam on the 5/5T.

If you don’t know how to install apk files, read the How to Install APK files guide.


For phones with the Front Camera Fix (root). If GCam 7.0 crashes on Android 10, read “Android 10 crash” below.

Google Camera 7.0 »

GCam 7 includes new features like Astrophotography and a new UI. Works on Android 9 and 10.

GCam 7.0 “SimpleCam” by BaaDNwZ/Urnyx05:

Based on Google Camera 7.0 and with XML configs support. Simple version. Install and load the provided config.

Config file (how to load config files):

GCam 7.0 by Arnova8G2/Urnyx05:

Use this apk if the version above doesn’t work well for you.

Google Camera 6.x »

GCam 6.1 and 6.2 are considered to be stable bases. The versions below should work well on Android 9. If you’re using Android 10, you may have to use GCam 7.

GCam 6.2 by Urnyx05:

Simple to use, without too many settings. Install and use.

GCam 6.1 “HyperCam E3”:

Download and install the apk, then load the config.

Config file (how to load config files):

No root:

Google Camera 5.1 (unrooted users) »

GCam 5.1 by Urnyx05:

This is an old and very basic version. Front camera functionality (HDR+, Portrait mode) is disabled.

After installing this version, go to Settings > Advanced > Fixes and tweaks > and enable the “remove pink tint” setting. Then close the app and open again.

Google Camera 6.1 (unrooted users) »

GCam 6.1 by Arnova8G2:

Similar to the version before, front camera functionality (HDR+, Portrait mode) is also disabled.

After installing GCam, load the provided config (available below) so it uses the best settings.

Config file (how to load config files):

Android 10 Crash (GCam 7.0):

Fix for this issue, by shadowstep »

Post by shadowstep on the Telegram group:

If GCam 7 is crashing on Android 10, go into the developer settings and change the following values:

➡️ config.format_raw = 32
➡️ config.format_image = 35

Note: It might be tricky to get into the developer settings if you have DotFix installed as the camera might continuously crash. Try one of the following approaches to reach the settings menu:

➡️ In the app drawer, long press the GCam icon to bring up app shortcuts, select video, open settings and then make the above mentioned changes, or
➡️ Install Activity Launcher, open Settings for GCam 7 from the app and make the above mentioned changes, or
➡️ Uninstall DotFix (if installed yourself; this is not applicable for ROMs which have DotFix inbuilt), reboot, open the camera app and make the above mentioned changes, after which you can install DotFix, or
➡️ Continuously keep swiping down until you see the settings and quickly tap on settings icon (this will take a lot of tries!) to make the above mentioned changes

Help and more information:

The OnePlus 5 and 5T are “hard” devices, so we can’t thank modders, developers, and testers enough, because they are the reason why Google Camera even opens on this phone.