How To Install APK files

The .apk format, short for Android Package, is used by Android apps. When we install an app from the Play Store, it essentially downloads an apk file and installs it behind the scenes. But what if you have an apk file and want to install it manually? Installing an apk file is very simple and doesn't require root.

How to install:

  1. Download the apk file.
  2. Using a file manager, click on the apk file.
  3. If asked, give the file manager permission to install apk files.
  4. Click on install and wait.
  5. Check your installed apps.

Simple and easy. If you need some visual assistance, check the following video:


Installation fails:

Sometimes you'll see a "parsing error" or "couldn't install" error. This usually happens for the following reasons:

  • If app already installed: if you already have the same app installed, you may have to remove it before installing it again. Sometimes the app already comes pre-installed with your phone/ROM.
  • The apk file only works on older/newer Android versions.
  • You may be installing a 64 bit app on a phone with a 32 bit processor (less likely).

Is it safe to install apk files?

Assuming the .apk file comes from a trustable source, it's safe to install apk files.

How to uninstall an apk file?

There's no difference between an app installed via Play Store or manually with an .apk file. Apps can be removed just like any other Android apps.