Google Camera for the Asus ZenFone 7 / 7 Pro

GCam Asus Zenfone 7The Zenfone line continues with its tradition of packing a good camera stack at a low cost. The Asus Zenfone 7 and 7 Pro, or Asus 7z in some markets, already offers good camera quality, but it can be improved further with the modded Google Camera app. The good news is that GCam works on the Zenfone 7!

Why use GCam? It provides:

  • Better performance in low light/indoors.
  • Less blurry pictures.
  • Astrophotography and improved Night Mode.
  • Better dynamic range with Google’s HDR processing tech.

Just like on previous Asus phones (Zenfone 6, ROG2, and ROG3), GCam works without any fixes. You just have to install the apk file and use it. No need to unlock or root the device.

Download GCam:

GCam 7.3 by Wichaya:

Based on Urnyx05’s version, but with support for the Zenfone 7.

Note: To avoid issues when viewing pictures from inside GCam, install the Google Photos app (no need to login).

⚠️ After installing the app, please enable/disable the features and settings you want or download one of the configurations for this phone (how load config files).

Additional information:

While GCam improves pictures, video quality – especially stabilisation and slow motion – might be better on the stock camera.

Root or Magisk is not needed. Unlike other brands, recent ASUS phones expose all cameras via the camera API, removing the need to use special packages names or a magisk module.

Features like dual exposure controls only work on Pixel devices. This is due to GCam requiring special APIs that are not available on non-Google devices.

Some of the modders that support this phone and other Asus devices: Urnyx05, Arnova8G2, Wichaya

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