GCam: Save Portrait Photos in the Main Camera Folder

By default, Google Camera creates a folder for each photo taken with its Portrait mode. This works fine with the Google Photos app, but can be a problem if you use a different gallery app or simply want to keep everything in one folder. Here’s how to fix it.

With (Modded) GCam:

Some modded Google Camera versions have a setting that allows photos to be saved inside the main /DCIM/Camera directory. This is only available on some versions and it may be hidden by default (go to About > Advanced settings) until you enable the advanced mode.

Sadly this feature is not stable on all GCam versions and you may lose some photos, so think twice before enabling it.

Save to DCIM

With 3rd party apps:

You can use another app to move pictures to the main folder after they are taken. Since the setting in GCam is not stable, this is probably a better option.

Important: make sure you disable the “Save to /DCIM/Camera” setting on GCam.

GCam Portrait Merger (free):

Created by XDA user NullPointer, it’s a free and very simple to use app. At the moment you need to open the app and manually click the “perform merge” button, but the dev is working on making it work automatically.

To download this app and get support, visit his XDA thread. Download mirror:

GCam Portrait Merger 01 GCam Portrait Merger 02

GCam Tool (freemium):

This app allows you to deal with some GCam downsides. The free version allows you to manually move portrait photos and the paid upgrade allows you to do even more:

– Prevent flipping of front camera photos
– Choose which photos you want to move
– Select custom source and destination folders
– Batch move multiple files
– Rotate selfies further for Xiaomi phones
– Option to delete the sub folder created by Google Camera

Download: Play Store

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