AUX Cameras Enabler Module

This module, created by Arnova8G2, eng.stk, and aer0zer0, allows Google Camera to use auxiliary “Aux” cameras on phones with a multi camera setup. It should work on most phones that don’t allow access by default to wide, telephoto, etc cameras.

The fix is applied with a Magisk module, so root is required.


This is the main module that works on most phones (eg: OnePlus 7 and 7T family of phones):

Module for the Xiaomi Mi Note 10, by Makshow:


  1. Download the zip file
  2. Using Magisk Manager, install it
  3. Reboot and enjoy


  • Before installing a module, make sure your phone needs it. Phones like the Asus Zenfone 6 or ROG 2 work without any fixes.
  • If you need help, please check the XDA-developers forum for your phone or ask for help on a telegram group. Check my list of useful links.

🗣 Discussion: