How To Save a Logcat Using MatLog

You need: a rooted Android phone and the MatLog app (Play Store, APK Mirror, F-Droid).


  • Open MatLog (and give it root permissions when asked);
  • Go to Settings/Menu > Clear;
  • Go to Settings > File > Record (type a new file name or leave the default);
  • Hide the MatLog app;
  • Reproduce the crash/issue;
  • Go back to the MatLog app and stop the recording;
  • The log file will be saved to matlog > saved_logs. Use a file manager to find the file.


Posting logs online? You might want to enable the "Omit sensitive info" option (settings menu).

No root:

Use ADB to extract the logs if you're not rooted. Follow this guide (check the "Using ADB" section).

Video guide:

You can also download this video.

Video transcript (click to expand):

Hi, in this video I'm going to show you how to save a logcat using an app on your android phone.

This method requires a rooted phone. Most people use Magisk or SuperSU for this. If your phone is not rooted, you can search online or check the XDA Developers forums for guidance.

You need to install the MatLog app. It's available on the Google Play Store. This app is free, doesn't have any ads, and it's also very easy to use.

In this case I have an app crashing and I want to send a logcat to the developer.

I always start by closing all open apps and sometimes even restart my phone so I don't have too much stuff running in the background.

Now I'm going to open the MatLog app and as you can see it's already displaying my log. Usually there's less information, but I'm recording my screen, so I have lots of events going on. Also, if you are opening this app for the first time, the root app you use will ask you if you give Matlog root access and in that case you have to say yes.

I'm going to start by going to the menu and clear the log. This will delete everything that happened so far. This way the app will only save the important part of the log.

Now I go to the Menu, File and select the Record option. I'll leave the default name on and press OK. Now that MatLog is saving the log, I going to reproduce the crash.

Going to open the app... Ok, as you can see the app has crashed.

Now I have to go stop MatLog from recording... I can do this by using the notification. If you don't see this notification, open the MatLog app and press the stop button.

The log was saved on your phone inside the "matlog" directory. If you have a file manager you go to matlog > saved_logs and as you can see the txt file is here.

And that's it. Hope this video was useful.

Good bye.