GCam and config files for the OnePlus 7/7 Pro

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[ What are .xml files and how to import them ]

For photos with vibrant colours. Use Fi v2 lib for better results:

Using Fi v4b lib with IMX AWB and NR to maintain clarity at indoor lighting without blowing out highlights:

Pretty much the same as the xml above, but without AWB:


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[ What are .xml files and how to import them ]

Saturation and denoise optimization. Good for all situations.

Improved color reproduction, detail (now small objects are visible), shooting at night, improved the front camera, turned on the possibility of 4k 30fps to the front camera, less noise during processing, and adjusted the white balance.

General Libs Configuration:

Fine-tune your config!
-- Choose lib for your preference.
- Google Stock: High contrast, accurate colors, deep blacks and whites.
- Xlib: Lower contrast, warm colors, more HDR, less black crush.
- Gmm23: Higher saturation, better skin tone.
-- Set Exposure compensation to +0,4 for brighter photos.
-- On Settings - Advanced - Image Processing settings choose Sharpness for your liking. 1.5 is best for night photos, 1.0 is gcam default, 0.5 is good for foliage, people and selfies.

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