Magisk Module for Enhancing OP7 (T, T PRO, PRO) Camera on Google Camera

This is a magisk module that replaces some vendor camera files with modified variants. Created by John Galt.

List of changes:

Rear Main Camera:

– Killed around 100 global registers added by OnePlus. These harm picture quality in one way or another, including adding blurring that remove detail. This is why so many of the previous XMLs decreased noise reduction without lowering sharpen, or increased sharpen. This only gives the appearance of detail, without the real actual detail existing.
– Increase max long exposure to 90s (api still reads 30s).
– Uncap ISO.
– Support 60fps (zsl60 for instance).

Front Camera:

– Integrate proper noise model.

What do I need to use this?

– Be on a recent OOS version or AOSP build.
– Install the magisk module for your device in magisk.
– Reboot.
– Revert any old rampatcher settings, and set imx586 AVG in noise modeler for rear main. It exists on newer Arnova and will be on new UCVM when released.



I don’t want to root, can these improvements be done in a non root way?

No, there is no way to disable these registers without root edits.


Will either fully break or harm quality in stock OOS cam (I don’t use).

Why isn’t there a OP7 (non T or Pro) variant?

I’m using patches and a patching script I wrote for applying these across devices. OP7 is still on older software with an older camera stack, and this would require rewriting these patches for the older camera stack. I would rather wait for OnePlus to update this device.

Why spend the time on this?

After moving to OP7T after my Pixel 3a needed a costly repair, I was incredibly disappointed in the camera situation on OP7 series. Thankfully other modders such as Savitar, Eszdman, and UltraM8 already had experience modding imx586. These talented modders were of an immense help, and also knew something was wrong when no denoise (killed by model) daylight pictures still had low detail.

Support group:

A telegram group is available for 7/7T/7Pro users.

Who else is to thank?

  • SixArmedPriest for the insane amount of testing and also for generating multiple noise models for each change, and for each lens as well.
  • Savant for testing on ofilm, and also showing me that 7T and 7Pro also ship with ofilm lenses as well as semco.
  • Wichaya
  • Arnova
  • Anyone else I’m forgetting, no hard feelings.

🗣 Discussion: