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Configs optimized for all four cameras on Mi9. Using new Gmm23 lib tuned for portraits.

PXL-Gmm23: Best results in any light, any sensor.
- Sharp photos even in worst light and highest ISO.
- Pixel AWB turns on in Night mode automatically.
- IMX 586 AWB or Pixel 2 AWB doesn't work (instead reverts to Pixel AWB).

P3XL-Gmm23: Config for those who use Pixel AWB or prefer softer photos (for portraits or nature).
- Good photos in the day or evening, much softer in the night.
- You control Pixel AWB and can use IMX 586 or Pixel 2 AWB in settings.

Known issues:
- Too noisy Night mode on selfies.
- Color noise on ultrawide in lowlight.

Fine-tune your config!
-- Choose lib for your preference.
- Google Stock: High contrast, accurate colors, deep blacks and whites.
- Xlib: Lower contrast, warm colors, more HDR, less black crush.
- Gmm23: Higher saturation, better skin tone.
-- Set Exposure compensation to +0,4 for brighter photos.
-- On Settings - Advanced - Image Processing settings choose Sharpness for your liking. 1.5 is best for night photos, 1.0 is gcam default, 0.5 is good for foliage, people and selfies.

  1. Makshow--PXL-Gmm23--Xcam6b11.xml
  2. Makshow--P3XL-Gmm23--Xcam6b11v2.xml
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