GCam and config files for the Xiaomi Mi 9

Stable APKs:

Urnyx05 »

APK file:


xtrme »

APK file:

Based on a version from xtrme, shared on the Mi9 telegram group.

Config files:


XML credits:

Night pictures (optimal):

Add-ons (root/work in progress):

Eszdman Magisk Module »

What it does:

Difference is slim with stock and GCam 6.1, but there's a bit more noise and details. With 6.2 there's no difference at all.

Check this post with some crops for comparison: 4pda post.



How to use:

  1. Download the zip file
  2. Install it via Magisk Manager
  3. Reboot

Useful links:

XDA, telegram, etc »

Thanks to Sir TAVARES for his contributions to this page.