GCam and config files for the Xiaomi Mi 9

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Updated on: 2019-08-09

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[ What are .xml files and how to import them ]

- 1: For both main and aux, using the new lib tuner. Denoise and sharpening changed on the fly within the lib.
- 2: Config for much sharper photos as much of you prefer. Denoise slightly lowered, sharping upped. Best for night photos. 🌚.
- 3: Config on P3XL base model for those who doesn't like PXL colors or always-on Pixel AWB in night mode. Keep in mind it might blur a bit on ISO over 5000 (as any 6.2 or 6.3 gcam though).

  1. XCam_Beta_9_Google_Lib-Denoise.xml
  2. Makshow--Glib_Sharper--Xcam6b10.xml
  3. Makshow--Xlib--Xcam6b10.xml

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