New Google Camera Hub Homepage

Update: I've decided to list the last 30 updates on the main page. Not a perfect solution, but it allows users to know what's new while keeping the page small.

tl;dr: the homepage now links to download pages for each developer instead of listing all +900 apk files.

I didn’t plan to host hundreds of files when I decided to start hosting modded GCam versions back in 2017, so I went with a simple page where all apk files were listed. This worked well for a while, but then this port took off and from less than 50 files and 3 developers we went to more than 25 developers and almost 1000 apk files. Since a page with so many links can be messy and slow on low end devices, I decided to change the way it works.

Instead of listing all files, the homepage will now display a list of all developers available on this site. To download an apk, click on the developer’s name and you’ll be redirected to a page that only contains files from that developer. For example, want to download the latest apk from Arnova8G2? Just visit his page. BSG? Same.

A page with suggested versions is available to help new users and people that don't follow this port closely. The how to use page was also updated.

This change will break old links shared on my Telegram channel and may require some adaptation from users, but it’s required in order to reduce the page’s size.

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