By BigKaka.



This version supports .xml and .agc configs:


AGC 8.8 V4.0

What's new!!

- Added About Us page, you can download GcamTools in here
- Added new AUX UI
- Added Color Mix luminance
- Fixed incorrect HDR Enhanced frames number
- Fixed pictures not saving when facing bright light
- Added manual focus
- Added libpatch: Brightness Intensity, Savannah Merge 2(Chroma Denoise), Max Frame Count (HDRE), shastafactor, smooth effect, Allow spatial rgb, Shasta ZSL Set, Sabre Brigthtness, Sabre Detail, Motion Scale Factor, Rejected Denoise Multiplier, Sabre Max Scale Factor, Sabre Noise Estimates, Average LDR TET , Normalized Exposure, HDR Ratio, HDR Ratio 3, HDR Range Limit 1/2, Allow Unknown Devices, Portrait do hair segmentation, Portrait use opencl depth, Raw Sharpen A/B, NightSight Sharpness Delta Factor, Raisr Small/Medium/Large, Luma Smoothing, Denoise Smoothing
- HDR Frames restore to system default, not always 30, If you find that the photos are not as clear as V3, please go to lens settings to modify


Version 2.0 released with support for bookmarks.


🗣 Discussion:

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