AGC ToolKit (GCamTools)

By BigKaka.

AGC ToolKit (previously GCam Tools), an app to share and use LUT for photos, add watermarks, create GCam configurations, view GCam bookmarks, etc.


This is the free version of the app. For the Pro version, check the Play Store.


- Added Hasselblad watermark
- Redesign the Lut operation interface to support multiple LUT processing for the same image
- Added a new cropping function, you can crop the picture first, and then add watermarks and LUTs

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- Added Google Authorization Login, no more worrying about forgetting your account and password
- Added LUT visible, you can hide it for others
- Added edit button to Lut details page
- Added image preloading to Lut details page
- Fixed Lut search page display abnormality
- Fixed adding watermarks and lut cause automatic rotation of pictures


- Added Following, Followers
- Added LUT Oldest list, Search, Delete
- Bookmark category use All default
- Fixed some photos automatically rotate after adding watermarks
- Fixed lut intensity slider bar
- Fixed Watermark lose Exif


- Added Newest, Top Chart category to LUT list
- Moved Configuration adjust to Bookmark page upper right corner
- The icon below is fixed and will not move when clicked
- The comparison position of lut has been modified. The original picture is on the left, and the modified picture is on the right
- Change all file managers to system file managers, The app no longer modifies system files. It needs to be imported first, then modified, and then exported
- All cube format lut files have been repaired, and unusable png luts will be deleted in the next step
- Modified the pro version start icon
- Fixed the problem that the watermark lost Exif information
- Improve LUT post speed


- Added dynamically and compare before saving, now you can apply LUT and see the effect
- Now bar, icon, font consistent with Xiaomi 13 pro
- Added LUT category
- Added like function
- Added title, gallery and category to post LUT page
- Added Edit icon to My Post page


Now we have brought GcamTools 4.0, and renamed it as AGC ToolKit, support uploading, downloading LUT, and using LUT to process your photos.


- Fixed Google play version can't select agc format bug


- Added watermark
- Patch details page UI


- Added hex values calculate.


- Fixed configuration file not showing when you import it.


- Added bookmark.

We have brought GcamTools 2.0, you can get bookmark now, BIG BIG Thanks to: Rivington, User_X, r0m10, Julian Tsependa, Alex, Metzer for full patch paramters.


GcamTools allows you to easily copy profiles between lens and, if it is a rooted Mi10U device (Mi11U later), you can easy to load 48MP module.


AGC ToolKit AGC ToolKit AGC ToolKit AGC ToolKit

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