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(From this Redmi Note 7 thread on 4PDA. Translation via Google Translate.)

Settings screenshots (click here to expand). screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot

Pay attention to one of the screenshots in the Fix, sable parameters you need to disable, do not miss.
I use mostly HDR +, rarely extended HDR + and night mode, when very poor lighting. Normal mode also works now.
New libraries, try.
On the front do not forget to turn off the retouch (decorations) on the top right there is a smiley, it should be crossed out.

Carefully look at all the screenshots, do the same. I flipped all the settings, compared the pictures, these settings are the most optimal.
Before installation, we clean the memory of the old Google camera, only then we delete it and put this one.
For those who have already set different Google cameras many times, I advise you to reset the phone settings to factory settings. So that was out of the box. And we put everything on a new one without restoring and backups, the phone will also start to work better, then this gkam, the photo will be BETTER! Personally verified. Since the files of old cameras are not deleted completely, and prevent the libraries of this camera from working properly.
That's all I wanted to say! Keep it simple and you will be happy. Everybody started from scratch and knew nothing.
I sell my notes 7, because I bought the proshku. But I think fashion and you will be approached, so I will share if you behave well))) Who needs a 4/64 modem, in a personal. Good luck everyone!
Who has bugs and does not work what works for others, only resetting the settings will help. And if quality problems, also reset settings. You cluttered your phone with old google cameras.
Slow motion works at 120fps. Do not forget to change 240 to 120, screenshots to help.
Video 1080, in auto mode gives more fps, in the mode of 30 frames, no more than 30 will be.
4k writes and frontalka. Also, only in the mode for Mi9, that is, in this, there is ois, an additional photo stabilization, a kind of optical. Only in this camera! Fotkat easier.

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