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Returned a number of parameters from the previous build 1.2 because any new edits of Arnova8G2 cause lags in the viewfinder on OP3/T. I don't know what's causing the lag exactly, just rolled back to what worked well on the 3/3T. I don't know how well it works on other phones.

(Read the previous changelog for info about the new export/import feature or if you want to use the previous version which worked well on some phones.)


- A clean install (or "data clear" to remove all data from previous versions) is recommended, specially if you're having issues.
- OP3/3T users: Use "YUV_420_888" as the "viewfinder format" in the FIX menu.
- Slow motion: BSG's hack to enable slow motion works, but produces low quality videos on some phones (eg: OP3/3T).
- Slow motion: Some phones only support 120FPS, so you'll need to change it from "240 FPS" to "120 FPS" in the FIX menu.
- How to Import/Export config files.

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