By Hasli.




This version contains work from Arnova8G2, BSG, Shamim, BigKaka, etc, so thanks to them.
Mod similar to LMC 8.4, which was heavily based on Shamim's SGCam 8.4 v26.


LMC 8.3 Release 1:

Just like before, only better!


1) Everything is enabled directly in the mod, for this you do not need to go into the developer settings or the patcher and configure Shasta fixes and so on. If you change any parameter in the developer, which is displayed in the modification settings, this will lead to the fact that you will no longer be able to influence the settings through the mod settings, and you will have to clear the data.

2) After loading a custom noise model, LUT, AWB - you need to restart the application so that the downloaded file appears in the selection list.

3) The differences between the files are only in the signature, which in turn is needed on some devices for additional lenses to work.


LMC8.3_Release_1 ViewFinder LMC8.3_Release_1 Settings LMC8.3_Release_1 Settings

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