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Google Camera 8.2 by Nikita (nickpl13) v1.3

Based on: GCam 8.2.300

• Added Auxiliary camera (AUX) support
• Added separated settings and dynamic hide for AUX menu
• Added Blacklisted resolution and preview to Developer Settings for AUX lenses
• Added manual stream config (opmodes)
• Added old Color Transform (PseudoCT) code (different models still exist)
• Added viewfinder format
• Added Display P3 (DCIP3) color profile
• Added more fixes for SD845/JPEG Full devices
• Fixed AutoNS for SD845/JPEG Full devices (Thanks Parrot043)
• Removed Frame duration setting and changed max exposure time values
• Changed EditTextPreference for some keys
• Updated icons and graphics
• Some fixes and additional changes

• Don't forget to clear data or change exposure time settings. Do this first in order not to have problems with new update
• Auxillary camera buttons were improved since GCam 8.1. It now fits better to new design and has 2 layouts: horizontal and vertical
• For manual stream config 0 is default values, which means that you can use settings separately like it was before (list with arrays)
• EditTextPreference now shows more data (values) dynamically in title and summary of some settings
• Special thanks for Arnova8G2 for Color Transform (PseudoCT) code, this values were ported from NGCam 7.4

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NGCam_8.2.300-v1.3 NGCam_8.2.300-v1.3

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