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Based on: GCam 8.2.300

• Added new Noise Modeler
• Added Mi11Ultra noise models (Thanks Denisal)
• Added Exposure Compensation
• Added Exposure Time and Frame Duration
• Added Blacklevel (off, default, auto, 64)
• Added stream mode for opmodes (Thanks Arnova8G2)
• Added Front video quality 720p
• Added DNG compression
• Added JPEG quality
• Added "pref_erasedots_key" and "pref_sunbug_key"
• Added option to disable 1/4 slow motion and make it completely off
• Optimized Noise Modeler screen for dynamic changes
• Fixed wrong summary for PXL_ / IMG_ toggle
• Fixed black screen on some Interface Styles
• Fixed crash in video mode with front camera

• Thanks Wichaya for reference of Noise Modeler with 8 array values. However old method is still there in order not to loose some features
• Some information about Blacklevel values: [off]: dynamic black level is turned off, [default]: no changes in the code, [auto]: changes black level value based on different exposure (Thanks Urnyx05), [64]: uses always the same value
• Developer Settings: DNG compression - "camera.compress_merged_dng_set", Front video quality - "camera.vid720p_front"
• To turn off 1/4 slow motion button you should disable "camcorder.disable_dumpling" in developer settings
• Stream mode has same SDK naming like it was in 7.4 in order to avoid misunderstanding. Try different SDK method if you have some problems in GCam

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