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Based on: GCam 8.2.300

• Initial release
• Added Google AWB with 3 buttons
• Added Sabre control with merge methods
• Added Shasta and resampling
• Added HDR+ Enhanced in Portrait mode
• Added motion photos toggle
• Added tracking focus and focus data toggle
• Added device configs support
• Added jpeg and raw_sensor support
• Added device inputs for interface and HDR+
• Added XML Configs support
• Added more apps for Social Share
• Added max brightness for viewfinder
• Added app restart and long tap for settings (Thanks Urnyx05)
• Added in-app logs support (Thanks Zoran and Arnova8G2)
• Added Developer Settings and android 10 compatibility (Big thanks to Arnova8G2)
• Fixed SD845 devices (Thanks al_ro)
• Fixed video and slowmo for some devices
• Optimized some parts of the code

• This version should be more stable than NGCam 8.1.101 because of removed Google's security
• Sabre works automatically. It is disabled for raw_sensor (raw16) by default, so you won't face with FC
• Some information about AWB buttons. [On] and [Off] work always, but [Auto] works only in Night Sight (long exposure depend)

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OnePlus 5/5T Dotfix:


NGCam_8.2.300-v1.0 NGCam_8.2.300-v1.0

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