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Based on: GCam 8.1.101

• Added Auxiliary Camera support (AUX)
• Added separated settings for each lens
• Added manual focus settings and slider
• Added custom libs by r0m10 and User_X
• Added formats for resolution without Pixel Binning
• Added new apps in Social Share (Telegram Web and Catogram)
• Optimized GCam for Google Pixel devices
• Fixed black viewfinder in video mode

• Special thanks for Urnyx05, Wichaya for AUX buttons code and Parrot043 for the way to enable part of aux code. Vertical layout is made fully by me
• AUX buttons support vertical and horizontal layout. Don't forget to disable "ZoomUI" toggle first for horizontal layout
• Custom Libs won't work with Lib Patcher values. Thanks Vasencheg for new method
• If you have Google Pixel, don't forget to enable toggle in Settings > Advanced > Device model

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