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Based on: GCam 8.2.300

• Added AUX buttons for front camera (Hide/Show and separated Camera ID)
• Added manual Color Transform and AWB
• Added Hexagon DSP (Thanks DsisD)
• Added manual focus buttons and slider
• Added formats for resolution without Pixel Binning
• Added Image Format (HDR)
• Added more Viewfinder Formats
• Added LDR for Lib Patcher in Shadow Settings
• Added Pixel 5a, 6 and 6 Pro models for HDR+ and Interface Style
• Added config for RN9P
• Fixed freezes on some SD888 devices
• Fixed Gamma Curve values
• Imporved Lib Patcher
• Optimized some visual things
• Some fixes and additional changes

• Some information about Front Lib Patcher: currently it is not really stable (it might work or not). So it is recommended to enable Tone/Gamma/Sect or/and something in Extended Lib Patcher to make it work on some devices alongside with main values (according the tests)
• Manual values for Color Transform and AWB are hidden by default. To enable them select "Manual" first in settings
• Value "camera.pck_large_yuv" is disabled. So enable it in Developer Settings if you face with some problems (however disabled is better)
• If you face with crashes on start just clear data of GCam and/or reboot your phone. Most of the crashes are because of the Lib Patcher from version 1.4

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OnePlus 5/5T Dotfix:


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