By BigKaka.



This version supports .agc configs:


AGC 9.2 V7.0:

- Added dev settings c2api
- Added Night Sight manual focus, Video Settings, AE target fps range
- Added processing indicator
- Fixed logical lens
- Fixed pixel device portrait
- Fixed RAW16 shasta not working
- Disabled shasta by default

AGC Toolkit 5.9.5:

- Download »

- Added new watermark: Shadow arts frame, Hasselblad, Film
- Added HEIC image format
- Fixed can't share to telegram
- Fixed the issue where some photos were opened partially black
- Fixed doesn't crop images

Note: XML and LUT download from Toolkit, the photo Exif information will contain XML and LUT id. When photos uploaded to the Moments, XML and LUT links will be displayed.


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