By BigKaka.



This version supports .agc configs:


AGC 9.1 V7.0Fix:

- Fixed the problem that patch cannot input negative numbers
- Improve watermark processing speed

AGC 9.1 V7.0:

- Added Compatible lens option to import configuration, Please enable when using xml make by different devices
- Added dev settings: camera.shasta.force, for raw10 supported detaut is on
- Added Exif info Saturation, sharpness, shadows
- Added profile -> hdr model
- Added Link Mode
- Added Nothing logo
- Fixed file suffix profile number
- Fixed KaDay KaNight Saturation settings missing problem
- Fixed Logical lens name missing problem
- Fixed Portrait Upscale
- Fixed Advanced -> Final jpeg quality
- Fixed Dot Fix
- Refactor lens list, pixel show logical main, logical front only
- Increase pixel speed

AGC Toolkit:

- Download »


- Added profile show and hide UI
- Fixed the problem of missing configuration lens, which always displays from 0 to 5
- Fixed the problem of copying configuration and not being able to see the configuration after importing gcam


- Optimize image display logic


🗣 Discussion:

Versions from this modder may contain code from other developers.