By BigKaka.



AGC 8.4.300.18 V6

What's new!!

- First things : Clear cache after installation ^_^
- Second things: Do not load the xml generated by the old version, it may cause problems because the key is not correct @_@

- Automatic configuration, You only need to install, clean cache, you can use it directly, except libpatch, no need to configure any more, including MTK
- Support Google Camera Lens Logic, Tele lens logic Support Super Res
- Support upload noise model c file, awb bin.txt file
- Support HDR+ Raw Format, Shasta factor
- Support 4K 60fps video
- Optimize the first opening speed
- Optimize focus speed, image quality
- Complete all library patch params
- Add force open astro button in options view
- Add Experimental menu
- Show all lens include logic lens
- Fix night sight exposure 1/3 abnormality
- Fix the problem of flashback when switching the front camera
- Fix AWB Coeff
- Fix Samsung ExynosDevice
- Refactor Merge method logic



AGC_8.4.300.18_V6 AGC_8.4.300.18_V6

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