By BigKaka.



This version supports .agc configs:


AGC 9.1 V4.0:

- Added profile settings: Upscale, Noise Model, NS Max Exposure Time(ms), Shasta Max Exposure Time(ms)
- Fixed Vignette and lut Filter can't work toggle
- Fixed the issue of insufficient exposure time and improve NS HDRE image quality
- Fixed Viewfinder format
- Fixed HDR+ format
- Fixed SDM chip device like Mi8 f1
- Fixed Nothing Phone video
- Fixed Samsung Exynos focus tracking
- Fixed k40 crash
- Fixed Video 30fps not work problem

AGC Toolkit 4.9.0:

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- LUT Apply button added Watermark and Crop
- Share info added ⚙️  : Who's XML
- Fixed xml configuration missing Lens IDs


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