By BigKaka.



This version supports .agc configs:


AGC 8.4.300 V9.9:

- Added profile count
- Added load custom library in profile
- Fixed focus tracking
- Fixed the problem of the viewfinder exposure slider being too long
- Fixed the watermark and completely match the size of Xiaomi 13Pro
- Watermarks are automatically extracted from models such as Xiaomi 13 Pro instead of nuwa
- Changed Lens Switch position to right by default
- Fixed some device Horizon level missed problem

AGC ToolKit 4.7:

- Download »

- Added Google Authorization Login, no more worrying about forgetting your account and password
- Added LUT visible, you can hide it for others
- Added edit button to Lut details page
- Added image preloading to Lut details page
- Fixed Lut search page display abnormality
- Fixed adding watermarks and lut cause automatic rotation of pictures


🗣 Discussion:

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