By BigKaka.



This version supports .xml and .agc configs:


AGC 8.8 V6.0

What's new!!

- Moved lut folder to Download/AGC8.8/luts, now you can use AGC Toolkit download lut file to this folder
- Added lut intensity, between 0 and 1
- Added AGC Toolkit link, use AGC Toolkit you can easy to get LUT file
- Added profile count
- Added Max Zoom overide
- Added image processing indicator, including lut processing
- libpatch: Optimize Sky, Disable Safe UnderExposure, set ux
- Now bar, icon, font consistent with Xiaomi 13 pro
- Fixed ROG 6 device problem
- Fixed Redmi Note 11 color
- Refactor auto ns, change to list on, off, always

GcamTools 4.4.0:

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- Added dynamically and compare before saving, now you can apply LUT and see the effect
- Now bar, icon, font consistent with Xiaomi 13 pro
- Added LUT category
- Added like function
- Added title, gallery and category to post LUT page
- Added Edit icon to My Post page


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