By BigKaka.



This version supports .xml and .agc configs:


AGC 8.8 V5.0

What's new!!

- Added LUT function, You need to add the LUT file in the Custom file first, and batch addition is supported
- Added show focus data
- Added Watermark Card Background
- Added NubiaZ50Ultra noise model
- Added Mi11Pro and Mi11U ID5 for 2x lens
- Fixed SD845 855 devices
- Turn off Hexagon on non-pixel
- Removed force off discard frames logic, fixed ghosting due to the inability to fix a moving subject, you can continuous shooting like 8.4 version now
- Added Experimental Settings: Disabled Discard Frames
- The Watermark Content is compatible with the photo size
- Fixed that Dots fix cause watermark info loss
- Fixed that Dots fix and Strong beauty cause Exif info loss
- Fixed the overall bottom problem of the UI

GcamTools 3.0:

Now we bring GcamTools 3.0, support to add watermark

- Added watermark
- Patch details page UI


🗣 Discussion:

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