By BigKaka.



This version supports .xml and .agc configs:


AGC 8.8 V3.0_Fix:

- For fix 3.0 Color Mix not work problem

AGC 8.8 V3.0:

- Adjust Camera list, the order is always the main camera, wide angle, telephoto, super telephoto, front, convenient for xml creater
- Adjust color settings UI, thanks @BSG19071979 idea
- Added Color Mix function, The switch is under Manual controls
- Added Viewfinder Frame Rate override
- Added Tone and gamma curve
- Added libpatch tips
- Added libpatch parameters: CF3/4/5/6, Contrast Black B
- Added manual exposureTime/iso slider
- Added Exposure and Shutter, thanks @HasliDev idea
- Added Statistics OIS data
- Added dev c2api settings: color_correction_mode, distortion_correction_mode, color_correction_ambition_mode, tone_mode, thanks @md_shamim12 idea
- Fixed Dots fix crash issue
- Fixed Samsung Night Sight cannot reach 1/3 second issue
- Fixed Astro Max Exposure Time not work issue
- Fixed AWB Override missed online list issue
- Show dev settings camera.cuttle.max_exp_ms
- Changed contrast black value list


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