By BigKaka.



This version supports .xml and .agc configs:


AGC 8.8 V2.0

What's new!!

- Changed Astro Auto mode to force on
- Refactor AutoCT, Added Yellow, Cyan Saturation and Hue
- Added Noise Model Settings: tune coefficient, Dynamic ISO coefficient, Manual ISO value, supported .gwab file
- Added Profile settings: AWB Override
- Added libpatch: HDR Effect
- Added Sensor Color Filter
- Added long press the switch camera button to enter noise model settings
- Added HDR model and interface: Pixel 7a (lynx), Pixel Fold (felix), Pixel Notepad (pipit), Pixel Tablet (tangor), Pixel 8 Pro (husky), Pixel 8 (shiba)
- Fixed BlackLevel
- Fixed pixel devices crash on face recognition
- Fixed portrait crash
- Fixed some AWB can't work bug
- Fixed AWB Ratio, Gains not working issue
- Fixed OEM noise model
- Fixed antibanding can't be turned off
- Fixed NS and HDRE can't save pictures
- Fixed camera shows black screen thanks @md_shamim12
- Show HDRE button on portrait
- Turn on hdr postview to fix HDRE pale color
- Turn on large yuv to fix focus delay


🗣 Discussion:

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