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This version supports .xml and .agc configs:


AGC 8.8 V1.0

The first release of 8.8 has almost all the features of 8.7. We also brought GcamTools, which you can easily copy profiles between lens, and if it is a rooted Mi10U device (Mi11U later), you can easy to load 48MP module: GCamTools.apk

Compared with version 8.7, we bring the following updates:

- Profile added Link Mode
- Custom patch parameters support displaying the real value
- LibPatch: Apply Portrait Matting, Preserve Highlights, Max Bracketed TET Ratio
- Develop Settings: nonzsl_base_frame_is_the_last, zsl_base_frame_is_the_last
- Advanced: Compression DNG
- Support loading 48MP module after rooted, thanks Hasli's help
- Support extended watermark logo, the file needs to be placed in Download/AGC8.8/logos
- Fixed video, thanks Shamim's help
- Fixed the problem that the lack of Google Service Frame caused Chinese mobile phones to crash
- Chinese translation

- If gboard cannot be entered, please uninstall it to restore it to a stable version.



AGC8.8.224_V1.0 AGC8.8.224_V1.0 AGC8.8.224_V1.0 AGC8.8.224_V1.0 AGC8.8.224_V1.0

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