Config Files for wyroczen's GCam (xcam 6.1)

Download apks:

- wyroczen's google camera.

Config files:

Different phones need different settings and on this page you can find config files provided by the community.

Config files are .xml files and can be imported (or exported) on Google Camera. If you don't know how to use them, read my guide:

If more than one config is available, try the first one. If it doesn't work well, try the second, and so on.
Send your config files via this upload form.
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Other phones:

You can configure the app manually. Disable the settings/features that don't work on your phone. If you need help, find a forum thread and ask which settings are better for your phone (see my list of useful threads/groups).

Send your config:

If you have a config file for a phone not mentioned above or if you have a better config, send it via this upload form.

I'll add it to this page as soon as I can.