Config Files for tigr's GCam 7.2 (v5+)

Download APK:

- trCamera_V5.apk

About config files:

  • Different phones need different settings. Config files allow users to quickly import (load) and export settings.
  • If GCam doesn't work well on your phone, try one of these configs created by the community. (See how to load config files.)
  • If more than one config is available, try the first one. If you're not happy, try the second one (and so on). There's no need to test all files.


Note: This version stores files in /trCamera/XMLConfigs/ not inside the usual /GCam/Configs7/ folder.
Note: Configs from older versions are not compatible with this version.
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Other phones:

You can configure the app manually. Disable the settings/features that don't work on your phone. If you need help, find a forum thread and ask which settings are better for your phone (see my list of useful threads/groups).