By Sam.



Based on a test version from Arnova8G2.

- Add Saturation settings.
- Add Lib Modification. Thanks to Abhi_Shake !!
- Add Autocorrection of exposure. Thanks Xenius9.
- Add Autocorrection of Night Sight. Thanks Xenius9.
- Add Disable Zoom For Portrait Mode.
- Add Advanced HDR+ In Portrait Mode.
- Add Recompute AWB. Thanks to Abhi_Shake !!
- Add Show Recompute AWB Button. Thanks to Abhi_Shake !!
- Add Jpeg Quality option.
- Add HDR+ Frames Option.
- Add Exposure Compensation.

Config file for the OnePlus 7 family (7T, 7Pro, etc):

Telegram support group: t.me/starcam17

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