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Posted by xtrme on a thread for the Xiaomi Mi 9. Via Google Translate.

  • Switch between three modules by long pressing the camera change buttons and viewing photos
  • Noise and saturation settings for each module separately
  • New Library Xlib 2.2s
  • Manual mode with the ability to hide the sliders
  • Added mode and eliminate flicker
  • Removed some settings
  • New Option to select a library for add. Modules (works only with the long tap switch method)
  • Record 60fps @ 720p
  • All modes work except Slow Motion

Configuration files:

(2019-04-15: updated config files).

- Marian---XLib2.2s---P3XL---Test4.xml
- Marian---XLib2.2s---N6P---Test4.xml

- How to Import/Export config files

Xiaomi Mi9 Sensor Lib Mod:

Mod created by Savitar/Defcomg. It increases the ISO range on the Mi9, resulting in faster shutter speeds.

For more info about this module, visit this XDA thread.

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