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(From this Redmi Note 7 thread on 4PDA. Translation via Google Translate.)

White balance work, now no more blues and more correct bb.
Video 1080 60fps, there is a menu.
A couple of new libraries added and the main ones, which have become loved by everyone, are also flooded.
Peresvet less now, the dynamic range is higher.
Not necessary and not working removed from the menu, at your request.
Stub in the video, check it out now.
Photos with flash, it turned out to be done, but it persists for a long time, most likely due to the processor. But it works now.

When installing, we also clean the memory of the old camera, delete it, then put this one.
If the camera enters, we work with slow motion and try to fasten.
I'm still with you, but it's not for long. But glad that there is a person who will continue my work.
Maud called AMG, who does not like it, call it the phone model for which it was done))))

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