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- Pixel 3 AWB, by BSG/Savitar. There is no more pink shade, also colours with a lack of lighting are more natural. (Settings > Advanced > FIX > Pixel III AWB).
- Quick app opening.
- Lens blur is now enabled.
- Slow motion fix by fu24, only works on some devices. Still doesn't work on the OP3/3T running Nitrogen 9.

Config files (OnePlus 3/3T):

- Celso's base config: cel-tolyan-1.4.xml
- Tolyan's config: tolyan-1.4.xml
- Mario Cola's config (focused on quality, not speed): MColaV4.xml
- How to Import/Export .xml config files

If you have a different phone, visit groups or forum threads to see which settings other users are using: useful links.


- A clean install (or "data clear" to remove all data from previous versions) is recommended, specially if you're having issues.
- Some phones don't support 240FPS slow motion, change it to 120FPS in Settings > Advanced > FIX > Init SlowMo With.

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