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- Google Camera for some of LG's 2015 flagships running Nougat (Android 8): LG GFlex2, G4, V32, V33, V10, V34, etc.
- It also works on other LG phones (>7.0/8.0) with Snapdragon 64bit.
- Manual night sight support (set lower multiplier underexposure value).
- Triple camera support (long press the switch button to access the 3rd camera).
- 1080p @ 60FPS video recording.
- On phones with the Snapdragon 808, Disable Hexagon DSP.
- Based on arthur's MGCamera_5.1.0.18_R4X_v.5.1.7.apk and SerJo87's GCam_5.1.018_by_SerJo87_1.6RC3_test1_pre-Release_ewg.apk.


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