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(Posted on a Xiaomi Mi A1 thread. Via Google Translate.)

List of changes:

+ added experimental settings with settings from different mods (see Experimental Settings);
+ setting ToneMap_Mode, Noise_Reduction_Mode, Edge_Mode (test);
+ at the zoom of the photo resolution, upscale to full resolution of the camera tasks (in the settings of the Resampling method: Raisr) (BSG);
+ hevc entry is enabled by default (it is turned off in the developer settings);
+ Motion Photo is turned off by default (enabled in developer settings);
+ RAW is activated for the front-facing camera by default (When HDR + RAW + JPG is activated, all cameras are shot in RAW, in other cameras the front-facing camera does not take off, you need to make additional movement to activate it);
+ video bitrate (IDan1109), freeze rate above 60 does not work;
+ added the ability to use the second rear camera sensor (Cstark27);
+ changed settings of HDR + Parameters (from the minimum available to the maximum in the camera);
+ Added HDR Saturation adjustment (BSG);
+ Fixed telephoto crash when using the camera (now the problem frame is skipped and it is possible to take the next frame);
+ for convenience, switching to the second rear camera module is done by holding the camera switching button (front <-> rear);
+ option maximum brightness viewfinder;
+ Fixed the option to select the save directory (the SD entry does not work. Should work with the module for Magisk (check later));
+ configuration settings from nHappyMann "without omni- (gnome-) points";
+ fixed flash;
+ editing the library on gamma (eszdman) + changes in ISO (Wave Generator);
+ menu item of removal of restrictions on ISO (BSG);
+ menu item to remove restrictions on HDR + parameters (buffer) in any light (Idan1109);
+ the ability to take a picture by holding the "MENU" button (useful for phones with a diagonal> 5.5) (BSG);
+ the name of the photos starts with PHOTO_ instead of IMG_ for clarity and comparison;
+ Maybe something else, all that I remember is written.

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