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- Fixed EXIF data. Thanks to cstark27, Arnova8G2.
- Now a check is performed to see if there's HDR+ processing happening before restarting the app after updating the app settings. Thanks namok.
- Updated v3 lib from esdman, old v1 removed.
- The "Pixel 3" Interface Style now displays a message suggesting the use of Night Sight.
- Updated default settings optimised for the OP3/3T under Android 9. If you own a different device, you might need to change the "viewfinder format" (Settings > Advanced > FIX) from "YUV_420_888" to "JPEG" in order for the app to be stable.


- A clean install (or "data clear" to remove all data from previous versions) is recommended, specially if you're having issues.
- Slow motion: BSG's hack to enable slow motion works, but produces low quality videos on most phones (eg: OP3/3T).
- Some phones don't support 240FPS slow motion, change it in Settings > Advanced > FIX > Init SlowMo With.
- How to Import/Export config files.

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