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  • Re-added the option "Auto-correction HDR+" (number of frames used by HDR) from BSG. The number of frames was adjusted for better performance on devices with Snapdragon 820 and 821 processors and other phones that have issues.
  • Fixed the inability to save ZSL and portrait shots.
  • Added additional shutter speeds. On the OP3/3T, exposures higher than 1 second only works if the "Pixel I" config is selected (instead of Pixel II). Might crash if there's some light, works well in the dark/night.

(Long shutter times: Only works if HDR+ ON (aka enhanced) is enabled. Every time you close the app, it defaults to HDR Auto. Long shutter times might not be stable.)

Suggested settings:

If you're not happy the default settings, try the ones on this page.

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