Settings for Tolyan's 1.0.11 and similar

These are the settings I use on my OnePlus. Based on the info shared by from AnyPark/MarcAnt01 with some of the values from Tolyan009.

Before we start, three important notes:

  • For long exposure times, use HDR+ enhanced if using the Pixel II config or HDR+ On if using the Pixel I config.
  • On the OP3/3T, exposures higher than 1 second only works if the "Pixel I" config is selected (instead of Pixel II). This is not a stable feature, things may crash.
  • Restart the app so the new settings are applied.


Settings (main menu):

Settings Settings

Settings > Advanced:

Settings Settings

Settings > Advanced > Saturation:


Settings > Advanced > Noise Reduction > Tuning back cam:

Settings Settings

Settings > Advanced > Noise Reduction > Tuning front cam:

Settings Settings