By Wyroczen.



Here is new 64/32MP capable (with a Magisk Module) GCam for Realme X2. It was based on latest 7.3 GCam by Urnyx05 (v2.5).


  • Added 64/32MP switch and a lot of internal changes related to that.
  • Added new AWB's extracted from system libs - for for main back (GW1) and front (GD1).
  • Corrected texts for AUX.
  • Internal changes related to aux, and for future development.
  • v1.1: Fixed AWB switching - before it was stuck at GW1.

Additional info:

  • For now to use new AWB you need to select which one you want (GW1 works nice) in settings and then enable it in viewfinder options.
  • To get 64/32MP switch enable it in options (it will work only with magisk module).
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