Realme X2 64MP/32MP RAW Enabler

This module enables full RAW capabilities on the Realme X2 front (32MP) and rear (64MP) cameras. By Wyroczen.



  • Better framerate in 64mp mode
  • Exposure times up to 75s in main sensor (you can check them out in open camera for example)

Additional info:

  • This module will break stock camera normal mode for both main and front camera (portrait and video will work tho).
  • 32MP should work in other GCam as well, for 64MP you can use my new GCam.


  • Flash in Magisk like any other module.


  • I’ve tested it on latest Android 10 RUI, I’ve heard that it works on custom ROMs too.


If you want to support Wyroczen’s work, his PayPal is:

A telegram group is available for the Realme X2: @RealmeX2Gcam

Thanks to Wyroczen for this module and everyone involved in testing.

Old versions:

v3.0 »


  • longer exposure times (it’s a test, apps will show 46s but 32s should work (before it was only 16.1s outside stock camera app))
  • full 9280×6944 resolution