By Wichaya.




Based on GCam 7.3.018 Urnyx05 (Thanks Urnyx05)
Package name : com.GoogleCamera.Wichaya
- Added gamma coefficient, noise processing, temporal denoise radius, highlight color tweak, hue shift (Thanks Tatchan, burial)
- Added max motion resolution option based on raw resolution but may use a lot of ram when capturing
- Added separate manual focus slider for each lens with manual option for focus range and max focus value (Thanks Alexy, Fu24, gdb417)
- Added separate stream config for each lens similar to lib patcher
- Added save portraits to /DCIM/Camera folder
- Added IMX686 noise model from Zenfone 7 (Thanks UltraM8, Savitar for the help)
- New xml configs selection menu (Thanks Arnova8G2)
- Fixed face retouching on ZF6
- Fixed Redmi Note 8 Pro black viewfinder and exposure (Thanks Wyroczen)
- Disabled sabre at front camera by default for Asus devices
- Automatically change to main lens when using photo sphere
- Rearrange some menus




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